Each cabin is equipped with beds, a kitchen and a bathroom. Pots and pans, dishes, utensils and glassware are stored in the cabinets. Beds are adequately made up with linens and bedding and pillows. There is weekly linen provided if you stay more than seven days.

Tap the cabin to see inside


Frank is our small two person cabin.  It is a little bit set off from the rest of the cabins.  A seasonal creek filled pool in front of the cabin adds the comfortable sound of running water.

Cromwell Cabin looking at the front door and porch, a two person cabin


The Cromwell cabin is a two person cabin.  Located on a seasonal creek, it is one of the more popular cabins.

Bindee Cabin on the outside with porch and chairs, a three person cabin


Bindee cabin was one of the original cabins, built in the 1940's.  It is named after Sugie's grandmother, her father's mother, who stayed in this cabin when visiting in the summertime.  It comfortably sleeps three.

Davis Cabin outside with covered porch and bench, a three person cabin


Davis cabin was one of the original cabins, built in the 1930's. It comfortably sleeps three.

The A-Frame Cabin situated away from other cabins, has a covered porch and a loft inside


The A-Frame cabin was first built as living quarters for the cook.  In the 1960's, when we stopped serving meals, it was converted to a four person cabin.

Cabin 19 from the outside with porch and picnic table and folding chairs


Cabin 19 was originally the wash room, and also was designed to store a car in the winter. It was never used as a garage, though, and was converted into a four person cabin in 1970's.

Marcus cabin view of outside has a picnic table and chairs on the deck


Marcus cabin was given to the lodge by the Marcus family when they were forced to remove their buildings in the Lakes Basin area. It was moved in the 1970's and was immediately converted into a four person cabin.

Childs Cabin has a ramp to the porch, it holds five people


Childs is our only 5 person cabin.  It was designed to be handicapped accessible, therefore it has a slightly roomier interior.

View of Andrews Cabin from the Recreation Hall, a path to the porch with large table and chairs and a barbeque


The Andrews cabin was formerly the office building in the1920's.  It is now a six person cabin, with two sleeping rooms inside to comfortably fit a family and a nice porch outside with table and benches for everyone..

Drew cabin view of outside looking at its large porch with picnic table, chairs and benches


Drew cabin is our newest cabin, and one of our most popular .It sleeps 6 and is considered our six person deluxe cabin.

Tent Cabins

Elwell has three tent cabins which are sleeping accommodations only. They are only rented with a cabin. Inside they have beds, tables, chest of drawers, and a wall to wall carpet. Bedding is provided, but there is no cooking facility in the tent cabin. Restrooms and a shower are nearby.

Tent cabin with wood siding and canvas tent, chairs sitting on the ground

Bindee Tent

Bindee Tent has two single beds and is located near Bindee and Marcus Cabins.

Tent Cabin in the 1920's with three men relaxing outside

Tents in the 1920's

In the 1920's the lodge grounds had only tent cabins for sleeping accommodations. Today the tent cabins look just the same as then with wood walls and canvas covers.

Tent Cabins near Frank Cabin facing the seasonal swimming pool.

Frank Tent

Cromwell and Frank Tents have one single bed and one double bed and are located next to these cabins.

Main Buildings

When you drive up the entrance road you are greeted with views of our
two large, sunny recreation spaces -

the former Dining Hall on the hill above the grounds
and the two story Recreation Hall on the right in the midst of the cabins

tap the building to see inside

The Dining Hall sits high on a hill overlooking the grounds. Two decks surround the west and south sides.

Dining Hall

Built in the early 1920's this building has just gotten a face lift and is ready for the next 100 years.

The Recreation Hall is a two story building with windows all around. It has a covered porch at the entrance with willow furniture.

Recreation Hall

Built in the early 1920's this building still offers guests a space to gather and visit.

Elwell Lakes Lodge will be open from June 3 to October 1 in 2023

Elwell Lakes Lodge is operated under a special use permit issued by the Plumas National Forest and is an equal opportunity recreation services provider