Elwell Lakes Lodge

Dining Hall

The Dining Hall set up for a wedding dinner with white tablecloths and festive yellow and purple flowers.Dining Room in a tent cabin in the 1920's set up with tablecloths and wildflowers.Dining Room on the hill being constructed in the early 1920's with no windows in yet.1960's Dining room with porches and stairway leading to the grounds.Dining Room in 2019 wih new siding and porch with metal slats. Lodge flagpole behind the building.Dining Room set up for a Covid dinner. Sun comes through the windows in the afternoon.Sunset over Mt. Elwell as seen from the large Dining Room porch.Daytime view of Mt. Elwell from the Dining Room porch. Long Lake is at the base of the Mountain.

In the 1920's, before this large building was finished, the guests ate at tables set up in a tent cabin. Today, the Dining Room is no longer used for serving meals, except for special events. Now it is used as a quiet sitting room for the guests staying at the lodge to read and enjoy the view of Mt. Elwell, visible from the many windows and from the large deck. On Sundays, during June, July and August, a potluck dinner is held here to allow all the guests to get to know each other.

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