Other Lodges in the Lakes Basin

Along the Gold Lake Forest Highway

Elwell Lakes Lodge is just one of the several lodges along the Gold Lake Road, a paved highway that connects Hwy 89 near Graeagle, California and Hwy 49 near Sierra City. All the lodges have been operating for decades, some for over 100 years. Each has different amenities to offer the vacationer. Some have cabins with kitchens and some have meal service.
All the lodges are only open in the seasons free of snow.

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The recreation building at Gold Lake Lodge with gravel path leading to the front door.

Gold Lake Lodge

The Lakes Basin Trails lead out from the grounds of this lodge. It has nine cabins and three tent cabins for rent. Meals are included with your rate.


Sardine Lake Resort

This resort has nine housekeeping cabins along the shore of Sardine Lake with a view of the Sierra Buttes. It has a fine dining restaurant and rents boats on the lake.


Sardine Lake Resort's dining room has a view of the lake and the Sierra Buttes.Graeagle Creek near several cabins of Gray Eagle Lodge has a foot bridge crossing the water.

Gray Eagle Lodge

This lodge has twenty cabins and two guest rooms in the main lodge. Graeagle Creek runs along the grounds offering a peaceful swimming area. Meals are included in the rate.


Salmon Lake Lodge

This lodge has five cabins overlooking Salmon Lake and ten tent cabins. Trails to Deer Lake and the PCT lead off from the grounds. Rowboats are provided with the rate.


Salmon Lake Lodge main building is right on the water of the lake with a large dock for their guest barge. Log Cabin main lodge building of Packer Lake Lodge. Dinners are served to guests in the restaurant.

Packer Lake Lodge

This lodge has nine housekeeping cabins and six sleeping only cabins all with a view of Packer Lake. There is a restaurant on the premises.


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