Elwell Lakes Lodge

Recreation Hall

Recreation Hall at Elwell Lakes Lodge has a fireplace, tables, games and a piano.The first Recreation Hall in the early 1920's was in a tent cabin. Guests enjoying the peace and quiet, reading and writing.The Recreation Hall being constructed in the early 1920's with workmen posed in front of the doorway and sitting on the windowsill. Mrs. Drew and little Miriam in foreground.The Recreation Hall is a two story building with the guest area downstairs and the owners quarters upstairs.The inside of the Recreation Hall about 1922 before the fireplace is built. The building was already used for activities such as dancing to the music of the piano and Victrola.The outside front view of the Recreation Hall shows the upstairs covered porch looking out towards the entrance road.

The most popular building! In the 1920's, until this large, two story building was completed, guests would gather in a large tent cabin that served as the recreation hall. Today, at night, most people come to the Recreation Hall to sit in front of the massive fireplace, play a card game, talk to the other cabin guests, or just read a book. Games, books, and a ping-pong table all are found on the first floor, with owner's rooms on the second.

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